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Reach out to (310) 699-8122 or email to discuss your objectives for yourself and your work.  It’s never been easier to get exactly the marketing and promotion you need. We have plans that start at $50/week that provide productive ongoing marketing for artists at work.  We also create campaigns designed to give books, films, podcasts, and events a great … Continue readingLet’s Get Started

Who We Are

MarketM8 was founded by Nancy Fulton, a writer/producer with more than 25 years of experience successfully promoting her work and the work of other creative professionals.  She currently runs informative events for more than 25,000 entertainment industry pros to help them fund, produce, distribute, monetize and market their work profitably. She produces audio dramas and a popular podcast. She created … Continue readingWho We Are

Who We Serve

MarketM8 best meets the needs of Writers, Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Playwrights, and Expert Authors & Speakers. These professionals need to promote themselves along with their work because they sell both their labor and the product of their labor to fans. An Author who writes a book must promote the book through ads and reviews, but they must also speak for the … Continue readingWho We Serve