Facebook & Twitter Marketing Done Right

Most media makers are rightfully mystified by Facebook. They experiment with boosting posts, they try running ads, they sometimes even pay for followers, and all their hard work results in little more than a few follows and the occasional share. Understanding how to target and promote your work on Facebook to ensure you, and your project, get the attention you deserve isn’t something you can master in a few hours or a few days. Every film is different, every audience for that film is unique, and reaching the right people on Facebook for any film is both an art and a science.

Twitter, the first successful miniblog, requires those promoting film to have an in-depth understanding of advertising, influencer marketing, and their film’s most likely fans. It requires creating promotional content quickly and cost effectively, being very responsive to those who use Twitter, and knowing what kind of content the Twitter-sphere thinks is worth sharing.

As an independent film producer and documentary filmmaker there are only so many skills you can master. Picking the right project, hiring the right cast and crew, overseeing production, arranging distribution, acquiring funding are all time consuming jobs.

You need to be able to work with people who can handle promotion so you can focus on creating work people want to buy. Reach out to us on (310) 699-8122 and we’ll help you find your audience on social media.