Making Google Love You & Your Work

Nothing is more important than making Google love you and your work because it’s the best way to ensure that fans can find you. If someone hears about your film and goes to Google to find it, it’s nothing short of a tragedy if fourteen other things come up first. If an interviewer wants to learn more about you prior to covering your film, and their search for your name doesn’t bring you up first, they’ll wonder just how influential you can possibly be.

If you think about how often you Google the movies you want to see, the books you want to read, and the professionals you might want to work with, you’ll know just how important it is that Google be able to find you.

Teaching Google who you are and how to find you doesn’t take long, doesn’t cost much, and nothing is more important to you and your long term success.

Let us help Google fall in love with you so the rest of the world will too. Call (310) 699-8122 or email