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MarketM8 best meets the needs of Writers, Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Playwrights, and Expert Authors & Speakers.

These professionals need to promote themselves along with their work because they sell both their labor and the product of their labor to fans.

An Author who writes a book must promote the book through ads and reviews, but they must also speak for the book through interviews and blog posts.  For example, Stephen King has fans who buy every new book he writes, and each book he writes has fans that actively promote that book to others.

Successful Filmmakers, like writers, must promote the films they produce but they must also become known for the kind of work they do.  Watching Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction is many of us  found out about the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, but his public appearances and interviews have made him successful in his own right. This allows him to guarantee an audience for new works going forward.

Screenwriters and Playwrights create the scripts that give actors award winning roles, but they are frequently eclipsed by their work.  In order to ensure they can find new writing opportunities going forward, they need to be known for the work they do.  When producers understand that Aaron Sorkin,  William Goldman, and David Mamet have written multiple great projects, they get more opportunities.

Expert Speakers and Authors can only effectively promote their work if they promote themselves and the experiences that allowed them to write their book.

Our PR solutions help these professionals get the steady ongoing promotion they need to grow a fan base for themselves and their work.